lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008


Mythology is a great word. And here I am in front of my computer and a dictionary that my father lent me. The dictionary is to clarify the meaning of the word mythology.It says: " mythology...bla, comes from the Greek...bla, bla...mythology. Of myth’s, fable and logos, treaty. Group of myths and legends relatives to gods and fabulous heroes of a town and science that he/she studies them." Well, yes. It can be. The mythology can be of religious content, the heroic cycles, legends environment to a god, novelized narrations that they can have a historical foundation and the calls etiological legends that you try to explain the causes of extraordinary phenomena. As extraordinary it is that it is Saturday night, I am a fairly attractive woman and be at home without leaving. Good, the extraordinary thing would be that I would go out. But that it is another history. For my therapist. That god blesses him. All these things of mythology, is very interesting. But it sometimes sounds to boring. And to roll.
But very often meet with it in every moment. Without having certainty that there are myths around to our. Thousands. I think mythology is sometimes subjective. I mean each one has their own myths. Charles Aznavour is for me a myth. Because he is not only a singer. He is a god. Elvis was a myth, and for many it still follows it being. There are even people that thinks that it continues alive Or that he didn't die, it only returned to their planet. To believe that a man will always be you faithful it is another myth. As thinking that a cream will take off the cellulites. As thinking that a politician can always be honest . Or that the world peace will arrive. There are people that try to the mythology like something real. That is to say, they consider that it is intolerable to think that that of Adam and Eva is also a myth. Darwin was a crazy one that passed the time with monkeys.
It is necessary to believe it believe strongly that "God made to the world in seven days." And if not, to the blaze. To those people that confuse reality with myth they can be called fundamentalists, crazy men , silly...or simply that they have another perspective that maybe makes them happier. Why not. There are also people that assures that proven histories are unreal, they are mythology. You can believe that there are stupid persons that don’t believe that the man was never in the moon.
I am usually in the moon several times a day. In addition, I consider it normal. The mythology has always existed. Among the towns. There are different histories distributed by the whole humanity, for all the geographies.And what about television? All those announcements where they promise our skin similar to a 15 year-old young girl with a cream that costs an “egg” , clear.

My father taught me the mythology. When I was a child I listened his histories on the gods of the Olympus. And the first book that I read with 5 years was “Ilíada” and for sure, The Odyssey. I met Cinderella much later. When it was already too much late , maybe. No matter… Later on, when I was devoted to know more, to deepen and to enjoy with the Greek that not with "a Greek", (sew different) my father told me that they were only foolishness. On time. The was already harmed. And it was irreversible. I had transformed into a mythologist-addict. Good, almost. So I decided to investigate for my bill and to write a group of stories that you/they summarized what you/they had become trained. This way the mythology called again to my door. I was granted a special pass to introduce me in the Olympus. You will even see that the Olympus will sometimes come to my humble house. That I found it under my bed, full with powder. In one of those spring cleanings that I make by the middle of February. Anyway we need the mythology. To live. It gives colour to the life. And it makes us change our minds. And they are very amusing “silly little things” . Mainly for one Saturday night.

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