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If you can look at the sky a moment, you can see a special cloud close to the moon at the right. In the centre of this cloud, you can find a forest. It is a faxes forest. Only faxes can live there. Of course, in other clouds, you can find other magic things...
Blodig the nice fax was living here. He was a very beautiful and happy fax with his own cave. Every morning, after waking up he was looking at his mirror in his ceiling, close to his hanging lamp. It was very difficult at the beginning because he need jump to look himself. Nevertheless, Blodig is very intelligent and he learned how to fly with his eyelashes.
Of course, he has a job. With a high salary. He was a reducer of sorrows: for example one fax arrives to him very sad because his lovely girlfriend was in love with his best friend, something very normal...
Blodig knows this pain because in this forest, problems go out from ears like balls.
Blodig take this ball, kiss it and it became in a little pearl. The sad fax now takes his pearl and he can sell it, have more money, and forget his pain. Money helps for sorrows…sometimes. Very often.
Blodig was very popular especially with faxes girls... he has a girlfriend in every sigh; he loves to love, like in the song.
During the morning, he was taking care of his great collection of hands. He has many beautiful hands in shelves. He usually takes these hands from absent-minded people.
He said:
-How are you Mrs Shampoo?- in the greeting Blodig took a very sweet hand The other person usually said:
-Oh... I feel without something in my arm...-When this absent fax noticed the surprise only said:
-No problem...Another hand is going to grow soon- As everybody knows faxes hands are growing if they disappear.
Every morning Blodig was with his hands. He was painting the nails in different colours finger by finger. These hands have their life apart, like another republic but with a queen and a king...
-In that case, its not a republic....- says Blodig.
-Well...but I like it...- Say the story’s author.
He...very calm arrives at the hands room and they are applauding to him, they are making different rhythms to dance flamenco and the fax dance, they are making massages very sensual to him and making tickles...
To be honest...a hand’s collection is very practical.
Blodig was very calm this afternoon after making siesta. He went out... The spring was coming to his cloud and the trees were full of chewing gums and toffees. Like every spring. But the nice fax was not interested in this, so he hardly looked at this but in front of him he suddenly found a small and strange thing. She was trying to jump to a tree. It was as if the strange thing wants to catch the sweets.
-Who are you...little... "Idon´tknowwhat"?- asked Blodig.
-I am a lipstick. My name is Sara. I am trying to have a few toffees and chewing gums...- The poor small thing was a little sad.
-Oh. But this story was situated in a faxes forest...Why suddenly a lipstick appear here?-Blodig was very surprised.
-Well...I don’t know. You must ask this to the author. Anyway, can you help me to have a few sweets? -Blodig blows and a lot of toffees and chewing gums fall on the grass and on Sara’s head who grunt a little.
-Caramba! Be careful!!- She had a swelling in her head.
-Sorry...-the fax made his work and he wanted to go out but he was looking at the poor thing who was taking one by one from the grass and putting them into her handbag. When she had everything ordered, she offered a chewing gum to her new friend.
-Oh...I don’t like very much... i have not eaten in my life...- He was a little embarrassed.
-In the life we must taste almost everything if we want to a intellectual sense, of course.- Blodig accepted and after three seconds he gulped the chewing gum. Sara said:
-What are you doing???!! You can’t gulp it...
-Why not? When i have something in my mouth I gulp it...
-Oh, my god...I don’t want to imagine how is your sexual life...- Sara whispered to herself.
-Whaaaaat?- Said Blodig.
-Nothing. But you must taste and play with this to feel the flavour and the most important, you must make funny bubbles and globes...- In this moment Sara made a beautiful bubble and she could fly hanging from her mouth. The globe in was greater and greater and suddenly it burst and she fall in the grass laughing. Blodig was surprised.
-What a great idea!! Teach me!- Sara accepted.
-I can offer a cup of coffee and cookies in my house..- They walked during a few minutes and they arrived to the lipstick’s house, inside a big cheese. For the fax it was too much small. In the centre of the sitting room, there was a little table with a crystal ball. Blodig tried to sit down while Sara was preparing coffee. Suddenly he moved his legs and this crystal ball shatter against the carpet.
-oh_on...-But the magic ball in front of Blodig´s eyes made new again and put itself on the table saying to him:
-Please...don’t make me angry...-The nice fax was hallucinated.
-Are you speaking?
-Of course. Didn’t you see before a magic ball?
-Magic balls don’t exist...- Crystal ball was more and more furious.
-No? And what are you doing speaking with me?
-Good question.
-I can know your present, your past...- The fax doesn’t allow continue.
-I know my present and my past...What a silly thing!
-Well...I can know your future...-Sara arrived before having a great discussion between the two persons.
-Are you speaking with my crystal ball?
-No. how can you imagine that I would make this??-Blodig was a little nervous.
-Yes. You were speaking with me. -The ball interrupted. But Sara continues:
-I can hep the other faxes with my knowledge about magic. A lot fo faxes are coming here to be helped...- Lipstick continues speaking putting her hands on the crystal ball who was illuminated in this moment.- I can see a lot of hands. Perhaps this mean that you are giving your help to other persons...- Blodig interrupted not very interested, or pretending it.
-Oh...I have a hands collection.
-I can see a baby fax very tender but he need more love...- the fax interrupted again.
-Like everybody...
-He felt too much pressure in his life. Someone very close to him had a great expectation on him and he felt like the one he was not so accepted like he need...-The nice fax was listened very serious. He didn’t feel comfortable someone so small was invading hi private life like the paparazzi...
-I don’t like very much this game...Why don’t you teach me with globes?- Lipstick accepted but before she made a new discovering about her new friend. But she doesn’t say anything.
They were sitting on the carpet, face to face, with many chewing gums between them. Sara started to speak:
-You must put one or two in your mouth and little by little you must chew and don’t gulp because if you make this your intestines will stick...-During a few minutes they are only chewing and making funny noise.
Blodig was looking at the other friend. Everything in her was different. He looked at her special hands. He was interested in this for his collection.
When the ritual finish, the fax imitate Sara making his first bubble, but he couldn’t control his force and he throw the chewing gum to Sara’s nose...Later to Sara’s ear... The little lipstick decides wear an astronaut dress to protect herself.
-Please, don’t ask why does she have an astronaut dress...
She made something more. She approached to him and try to touch his mouth to teach better but when she touched Blodig´s skin with her hands, he shouts.
-Aaaaa!!! What a cold hands!!!!- He takes away from her.
-Excuse me...- said Sara a little sad.- Its normal on me...But, to be seem a little whining....-In this situation the night ring lipstick’s bell. The night was allotting stars in every house in the forest.
-Hello...Mrs Night. Everything is fine?- asked Sara.
-Well...i woke up with a terrible headache. Today I had a party and i drank too much perhaps...
-Oh. What a pity. Someone told me that its a good idea to drink beer before drinking too much...Have a good time on duty! -The small lipstick closed the door and the stars changed the colour in the house. Everything was a little darker but very romantic.
Sara put candles on the table.
-Its too late. Perhaps I must stay here. Do you have a place for me? -Blodig and Sara decided to stay together during the night. In a few minutes, she prepared to have dinner. The fax was hungry but when the lipstick put on the table a great dish for him with a strange appearance.
-This is a soup made with solitude’s tears and sadness navels.
Blodig hardly could hide a shout. He was used to eat honey, ants, flowers, traffic penalties...but he was hungry and started to eat with his eyes closed and his nosed closed also. But...what a surprise! It’s not so bad... He ate and ate and he didn’t notice that Sara was fascinated looking at him
She was surprised because she was enjoying very much with him. To be the beginning she was thinking that this fax was too much...primitive, the lipstick was too much sophisticated and intellectual to mix with such a beautiful but natural fax, but now her heart was walking from the head to the feet. This was normal when a lipstick’s heart was feeling something special... she noticed that she was a little in love...but for other part she knew that this was a impossible thing because, like everybody knows, faxes and lipsticks can’t mix.
When he finished his dish, he was too much tired. Sara was used to play chess with her normal sleeplessness and asked very sensual:
-What would you like to make now...? be sincere... I normally go to bed...
-Would you like to dance with me tonight...?- Like everybody knows (in this story everybody know a lot) to dance in this country is very difficult. You must put your hands in your couple’s ear and your couple make the same and you must try to spin the heads (like in "the exorcist’s " girl...) If you don’t feel nausea you can enjoy very much. Sara was very happy trying this with the fax but after a couple of minutes she noticed that her new friend was sleeping.
Sara helped by the stars, the crystal ball and a few mice of computers (they were trying to eat a little cheese) take to the fax to the lipsticks bed.
When Blodig woke up at the daybreak, his friend was close to him curled up between his great hands...
He thought about her hands for his collection. He would take one hand and lipstick wouldn’t notice anything ...He approaches to her and stole the hands but when he had them Sara woke up and he was frightened because the hands were so cold and strange.
-What happen with your hands?-Sara noticed that she hadn’t any hands and very sad answered:
-They are artificial porcelain...I don’t have any hands since five years ago. I had beautiful hands but one day another fax robbed me and I had to make this cold and nice hands for me...- Blodig was upset...
-Excuse me...but why are not they growing later?
-Lipsticks hands never grow. I will not have my own hands never more. I cant offer real hands but only porcelain hands. Sorry.- In fact, Sara saw this in her crystal ball, but she preferred don’t believe it. She had hope. Perhaps crystal ball made a mistake...
Blodig wanted to give the hands but the small lipstick refused.
-No. I give you my hands... i will try to make me another new hands...It was very nice to be with you during a few hours. In this forest i am a foreign lipstick and i dont have too many fiends...
-Perhaps I can recover your hands from the fax who stole you...
-No. You can’t. I know I must live in this way. I can support it…-But the nice fax, who had a great heart, didn’t feel good...
Sara and Blodig said good-bye. She was looking at him who was making invisible between the road in the forest more and more...

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