martes, 19 de febrero de 2008


Sleeplessness is in 45 lines
The last night I decided to visit you with one of my little negligè. I was running, making little jumps from cloud to cloud dancing in the sky between stars flying to you.
You were in your bed so sweet. I was cold and a little wet because I run against a cloud full of water and I was without umbrella.
I slide under your sheets close to you. You were sleeping but you woke up and turned around to look for my skin. Your perfume took my mouth and the most tender chafes became to the deepest kisses. You squeezed me against you and your blood climbed to your most masculine mountain threatened with your new sensations. I moved my little waist on you pretending to have control perhaps to refuse to be dominated by you. I fondle tender kisses on your body from your forehead with care, like you spoil a child.
Without saying anything we understood each other. From your heart came out a magic loop and with it you tie me closer to you . I felt like I know you since a long time. I knew your body, every corner, every beauty-spot, every shake...
Without haste, with devotion I lick your lakes. My bosom wake up waiting for your mouth, waiting for your hands...
I ascend from your ankles, setting up bubbles of wet caresses. I continue ascending for your legs, navigating yellow semaphores and I design on your belly a pink poppy.
In front of me, growing, simmering, stiffening is your most beautiful symbol.
Your beauty sparkle and splash me with your emotions. Your wonderful eyes sink the ceiling and from your mouth went out silent sighs your hands were around my fragile waist and ascend to my chest. Every dune is made for your hands. Your mouth gear in my nipples like little roses. My forces like a faint abandon me with your seduction. Our tongues suddenly look for each other and you raise me sitting both of us face to face we burn desires with our lips and another summer´s sweat impregnate your sheets sliding pants without explanation, without promises, without hope.
I had the control again when I spine licks on your neck and chest. My soft hands hail madness full of chocolate in your top which little drops full of life illuminated my face.
With my fingertips I melt pieces of cream in the sweet fruit from the valley to the top little by little liking for clandestine corners prolonging your torment to carve my lips against your summit.
I put this in my mouth. It was tender and sweet, wet and soft in the beginning with my hand and I set into fire your base making forget everything.
My mouth was full of your honey of your life ascending and descending doubts, more and more frantic almost confusing hurts with pleasure, palpitating convulsions that were announcing the final burst.
Suddenly a liquid lava went out from the sweet crater shattering dreams against my nude chest.
The moon shaved seas on her warm body and I hang me from your neck, asking for your tenderness without sin.

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